Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know our Halal information details

We place the utmost significance on adhering to the strict requirements of Halal Compliance, and we take rigorous steps to ensure that all of our products are manufactured and processed in accordance with Syariah Law. We have an Internal Halal Committee made up of Food Technologists and Syariah background that controls the supply of raw materials and implements the best Halal practices in all our outlets.
JAKIM in Malaysia has granted Halal certification to certain of our operations and locations. As the Halal application is completed in stages, the remainder of our location will have them soon. We also implement stringent internal controls from the sourcing of raw materials to preparations and customer service.
At all of our locations, Food Safety and Halal Compliance Internal Audits are conducted frequently to ensure our outlet team members and the preparation process are in conformance with food hygiene standard requirements. Our Halal Committee collaborates closely with JAKIM to ensure all our outlets adhere to standard Halal requirements.
For more information on our Halal status, visit JAKIM