About Us

The Woodpeckers Group believes that food brings people together, regardless of race, gender or religion. Since food is often the centre of most gatherings, the Woodpeckers Group aims to introduce different cultures through food and beverages as well as to provide delicious and quality food to everyone.

We pride ourselves in offering our customers a cultural food experience that they would always remember, from the renowned and nutritious Spanish natural frozen yogurt, llaollao, to our very own home-grown burger diner, Pebble and our latest restaurant and bar, Madmen. Our cuisines are made from high-quality ingredients, prepared by experts, and served to you with multitude of flavours and love.

Whether you are a health-conscious or casual diner or someone with exquisite taste, we are delighted to unite you all through our cuisines.

llaollao is proud to serve customers the freshest and most delicious frozen yogurt, using the finest ingredients to maintain both the authenticity and health benefits of yogurt. With over 80 outlets in Malaysia, we are driven to bring
our frozen delights to other parts of the nation. We have no plans to slow down, and are delighted to continue serving the best quality yogurt to customers all over Asia.