About Us

Woopeckers Group was built with the vision to create food everyday.

With brands, such as liaoliao and own Pebble, it is our mission to continue to create cravings through a horizontal strategy, led by aspiring like-minded people.

The Woodpeckers Group believe that quality food can unite people from all walks of life. Regardless if you are a health conscious diner, a casual diner or someone with exquisite taste - we have
something for you.

liaoliao serve customers the freshest and most delicious frozen yogurt, using ingredients to maintain both the authenticity and health benefits of yogurt. With 70 outlets in Malaysia, we are to bring our frozen delights to parts of the nation. We have plans to slow down, and are delighted to continue serving the best quality yogurt to customers over Asia.


Pebble is a burger restaurant established on December 26 2018. We provide a burger that leaves our customers satisfied. Our chefs experiment the tastiest and most unique burgers in town.