Frequently Asked Questions

After registering as a member of myllaollaoclub, you are now eligible to earn points after every purchase you made at any of llaollao stores in Malaysia. The point-earning may be vary depending on the type of llaollao products you purchase and the level you at.

Eligible products for point-earning:

  1. Petitllao
  2. Small
  3. Medium
  4. Large
  5. Sanum
  6. Smoothie
  7. Smoothie Plus
  8. Takeaway (500g)
  9. Grab-N-Go
  10. llaobox (350g)
  11. Twin llaobox (750g)


‘’How can I earn points?’’

To collect points, tap on the ‘scan’ icon on your myllaollaoclub digital loyalty card (eCard) at the home screen, present the barcode to the cashier during your purchase.


‘’Can I earn points during promotion?’’

You cannot earn points on purchases of promotional, seasonal or limited-edition products unless stated otherwise.


‘’What are the benefits for each level/tier?’’

There are 3 different levels in myllaollaoclub, as a new user, you will begin at Petitllao level,

Petitllao level: Standard point-earning

Medium level: extra 1 point on each point-earning transaction

Sanum level: extra 2 points on each point-earning transaction

myllaollaoclub may launch campaigns and promotions exclusively for a selected level.


‘’How do I get promoted to another level/tier?’’

Each individual level will have a benchmark of lifetime points.

Petitllao: 0 points

Medium level: 150 lifetime points

Sanum level: 200 lifetime points

You will get promoted automatically when you reach the benchmark of the lifetime points for each level.


‘’What I can spend with my points?’’

There are up to 3 different rewards you can spend/redeem with the points you’ve earned.

  1. 80 points: Free (1) RM5.00 Cash Voucher
  2. 150 points: Free (1) Small Tub
  3. 200 points: Free (1) Medium Tub

Your point balance will be deducted according to the reward value that you wish to spend/redeem on.


‘’Will my points expire?’’

Yes. All points, lifetime points, and level, will expire if your points are not redeemed within 180 days, calculated starting from point receiving date.


‘’What is the difference between point balance and lifetime point?’’

Point Balance: means the points available in your account, you can use the points to redeem your rewards at the Reward section. Points will be deducted according to the reward value.

Lifetime point: means the total point earned in the lifetime of being a myllaollaoclub member. For you to get promoted to a higher level. You can’t use lifetime points to redeem a reward.

The higher lifetime points you earn, the higher chance you will get selected to be our annual ‘Top Spender Treat’ campaign with exciting rewards and surprises.


’’Where can I redeem my rewards?’’

Select ‘Rewards’ icon at the bottom tab of myllaollaoclub app,

Your tub: your inventory

Voucher: all available rewards, redeemable exclusively in the app only

History: your history of redeemed rewards


You can redeem your rewards at the ‘Voucher’ section.


‘’Where can I enter my promo code?’’

Select ‘Rewards’ icon at the bottom tab of myllaollaoclub app, you will find the promo code box at the top of the page, enter your promo code and an e-voucher will be added to ‘Your Tub’ section.


‘’How do I use my rewards?’’

All rewards will be generated in a form e-voucher, simply select the reward in ‘your tub’ section, present the barcode for scan to any llaollao stores in Malaysia to enjoy your reward!


‘’Will my reward expire?’’

Yes. Once you’ve redeemed your reward, it will appear in ‘your tub’ section as an e-voucher and the validity period should take effect.

Select your e-voucher to find out more about the voucher validity period, terms and conditions and more.


‘’Where can I check my lifetime points?’’

Tap on the ‘scan’ icon on your myllaollaoclub digital loyalty card (eCard) at the home screen, then select the (i) icon below your eCard.


‘’Where can I check my Sales & Points Transaction History for my purchase(s)?’’

Select “Others” icon at the bottom tab of myllaollaoclub app and select ” Sales Transaction History” or “Points Transaction History”. You are able to check your past history purchase(s) and points that has been credited into your account.


‘’Where can I submit my feedback/enquiry?’’

To submit your feedback/complaint/enquiry regarding to myllaollaoclub, select ‘Other’ icon at the bottom tab of myllaollaoclub app and select ‘Contact Us’ to get in touch with us.


Let’s start collecting points today!