About Us

We at Tapas Club take great pride in embodying a truly authentic Spanish tapas experience, from our laid back ambience to our delicious Spanish food and drinks.

When dining in Tapas Club, prepare to be surrounded by symbols of Spain and indulge in the Spanish culture and ambience.

Our dining menu pays homage to the unique Spanish culture, showcasing classic Spanish tapas, fresh produce and homemade Spanish recipes. We take pride in providing customers with truly 100% Spanish cuisine with no fusions with local or international cuisine in any way. With dishes like Paella and other beloved Spanish tapas, our food aims to pay tribute to the little bites that are an essential part of Spain.

The wines complete the experience, featuring a variety of wines from across Spain, carefully chosen to deliver an exquisite taste for our customers. We also offer selections of Spanish beers and Sangria that quench your thirst.