My friend and I enjoyed some delicious desserts at TC on a Friday night recently. The staff were attentive and the atmosphere was nice. In particular, I commend the manager (I think) who ran after us, down two flights of escalators to return a key we'd dropped. That was great service!

I tried one of the signature dishes, it was the Garlic Prawn.Dipping the homemade toasted bread into the Garlic Prawn sauce was absolutely delicious. Not only that, I had tried one of the signature dessert too which was CHEESE CAKE! (mouth-watering right now) ... Overall it was an amazing foods for the day and I would not forget to mention that service was very friendly....Thank You to Tapas Club

Keto-friendly food(since we are on a keto diet) & friendly staff who took time to listen to what we wanted and didn't want (no carb/no sugar). Loved the grilled squid stuffed with chorizo.. yum!

Definitely a must visit again.

Thank you Tapas Club!